May 2 is Authors for Indies Day


May 2 is the inaugural “Authors for Indies Day” in Canada. Writers all across the country will be honouring the independent booksellers who champion their books every other day of the year.

I’ll be helping out at Whodunit Mystery Bookstore on May 2. I’ll be chatting with you punters starting at 1pm. At 3pm, I’ll be doing a talk on Scottish mystery books. And we’ll all have nummies.

Winnipeg is a great book town and we’re lucky to have the number of bookstores we do, small and large. They’re still here in spite of a very difficult environment but we can’t be complacent. Think about what this city would be like without Whodunit, or Bison Books or McNally Robinson.

On May 2, support your local independent bookstore by dropping by and buying a book or two.

See Whodunit? Bookstore here:

See the “Authors for Indies” website here: