My name is Catherine Macdonald

I’m a writer living in Winnipeg, Canada. In my former career as an archivist and historian, I was knee-deep in the history and culture of this prairie city. When I started writing crime fiction, setting my books in Winnipeg was a natural choice.

You’ll find information about these books under the “The Charles Lauchlan Mystery Series” tab above. Put on the Armour of Light and So Many Windings are books 1 and 2 of the series.

I do write about my own books on this blog, but I also write about other books by Winnipeg and Manitoba writers. Winnipeg has its own flavour and personality, but it needs to be located in the imagination as well as on a map. That’s what I’m trying to do when I write my books and why I’m fascinated by other writers who also create imaginary Winnipegs or bring to light real aspects of life here.

So, on portage and slain, I’ll blog about Winnipeg books in all their variety but especially crime fiction, historical fiction and other genre fiction; Winnipeg writers; the architectural and urban form of Winnipeg; and the social history of Winnipeg. And, really, anything else that I find blogworthy.

Bryan Scott took the photo in the banner. If you like it and want to see more of his work, click here Winnipeg Love Hate.

I welcome your comments. If you’d like to get in touch with me, go to the “Contact” tab above and send me an email.