Food, Drink, Books

food plateAh, food. Often book club meetings are as much about the food and drink as about the book. Read the following mouth-watering excerpt from a reply by “Emma”. (See Emma’s entire reply by going to the Oct. 3 post below and clicking on the conversation bubble next to the title.)

Since you asked, probably the best thing about book club is the food and drink! The way our club works is this: the person who chose the book hosts the meeting where we discuss it, and provides the drinks. The previous host brings a dessert, and everyone else brings an appetizer of some sort. (Most of us just have a light supper or skip it entirely in anticipation!) If specific foods are mentioned in the book, often someone will bring that dish or be inspired by it. Or if the book it set in a foreign country or within another culture, that often translates to food choices. (We had a great Indian spread when we read “Secret Daughter”). My last pick was “The Rosie Project” and lucky for me, there was an entire scene in the book that involved bartending, so I made Freddy Fudpucker cocktails and margaritas – yum! We also have one very creative member who will find a way to work a name or theme from the book into her recipe titles, which we all get a kick out of. I know ours isn’t the only book club that jokes that it’s more about the wine than the book — and I think we’re all okay with that. (Not to mention that it’s a welcome evening of adult company sans children!)