Book Clubs Again

stacked books bookplateI was delighted to get the following comment from Verena Unger:

Our book club has been going strong with the same core members (14-16) since 1994.
After trying the usual format for a book club, we ended up with a formula that has worked without fail for us :
– held once a month at the same location (before I moved to Toronto this summer, it was always held at my house and now another member has taken over the hosting of it)
-7-9 p.m.
-we share books, talk about the books that have moved us resulting in our reading books we may otherwise never pick up or know about
– the host supplies the liquids, others bring goodies so we basically have a “dinner” together of sometimes all desserts (and never a complaint, and that’s only happened once or twice I think) but always delicious goodies.
-the gathering is spontaneous. There is no leader and the trust and camaraderie in the group is the best. (But then, it has evolved over all these years).
– women only
That’s basically how our book club functions and I miss it terribly, not having had the opportunity or time to start one here in Hog Town.

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